Indoor Vegetable Garden: Let’s invent a universe together

The seed has sprouted!

la graine a levé
Repotting a zuchini seedling in hydroponics

All around the planet, pioneers are searching, experimenting… There are various motivations; food quality, the desire to free oneself from the food industry, consumption of hard to find varieties or willing to grow stawberries in the winter  … With the help of mass media, guerilla gardening, community gardens, vegetables gardens on balconies and terraces,  this movement is growing in popularity especially these past years.

Young chili peppers plants growing in hydroponics under fluorescents

But few urbanites have a balcony or access to a community garden. The remaining territory to conquer is indoors, indoor gardening!!! This blog is mainly dedicated to the indoor vegetable garden … will the  the indoor vegetable garden be a smaller replica of the traditional home garden? To me this doesn’t seem like the trail to follow. The constraint of space encourages creativity with invention of new ways to grow! The return will be key, but what kind of return? Pounds of potatoes? No! With pleasure and better health … Stay tuned…


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