Aquaponic system update: growing 3D

Welcome to the Lab!

La famille s'agrandit

After adding several fish, nitrates level raised in our system and maintained at a to high level, between 50 and 100 ppm.

We now have 12 gold fish, between 2 and 3 inches.

Des poissons, de l'eau, de la lulière et des plantes: aquaponie inddor
Fish, water, light and light: indoor aquaponics

In order to solve this issue, we increased the growing surface. We changed the former bio filter (one ft by two feet) for a grow bed more than three times as big. We also added a vertical unit made with the same table.

Filtre biologique précédent avec des laitues à couper
former bio filter

Le nouveau filtre biologique dans une table DUMA

New bio filter

We planted in the new grow bed different strains of basil, flowers and a cutting of Hand of Buddha.

Tulsi ou Basilic sacré, Ocinum sanctum, variété Pita
Tulsi or Holy basil, Ocinum sanctum, var. Pita

bouture de Main de Bouddha, Citrus medica var. sarcodactylus

hand of Bhudda cutting

The nitrates level decreased quickly. This new set up didn’t wait long to proove its efficiency, Henri the Cat thought the new grow bed was a fresh litter and made a nice pee in it.The extra nutrient was absorbed within 5 days.

Lampe fluorescente retractable

In order to feed the upper level plants, we installed an ajustable 200 W fluorescent light. At night or when no direct light from the Sun, we lower the hood. When there is direct sun on the plants, we turn it off and raise it with easy-rolls.

Stay tuned …


4 thoughts on “Aquaponic system update: growing 3D

    1. I have to use your idea OK? 🙂 I want to start it up the North side of the Greenhouse to reflect and grow from the Southern Exposure. My Greenhouse has the North side completely enclosed with wood siding. The underground channel I dug into the ground shares the Northern Wall. I like it Is that the 3D Thanks for Sharing Leon

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