How to: Easy aeroponic seedling

Rainforest de GHE
General Hydroponics Europe’s Rainforest

Aeroponics is a kind of hydroponic growing in which plants grow with their roots hanging in growth chambers where they are constantly misted with nutrient solution.

Basilic thaï et Rau Ramen aéroponie
Thaï basil and Rau Ram growing in aeroponics with organic nutrient

Plants are most of the time settled in small net pots filled with clay pebbles. These net pots are used for supporting the plants, and roots grow mainly outsite the pots, in the growth chamber.

le même basilic sorti de sa chambre de culture
The same basil out of the growth chamber

Here is one of these pots. You will notice that the clay pebbles are rather large, leaving a lot of interstices. If you sow tiny seeds like basil or tomatoe, they can fall in the bottom of the pot and this can ruin seedling.

panier hydro et ses billes d'argiles
net pot filled with clay pebbles

To avoid this, I cover up the large pebbles with a thin layer of smaller one. If you can’t find this kind of pebbles, you can use small pieces of the bigger one (they are easy to break) or perlite.

petites billes d'argiles
small clay pebbles

I drop of the seeds on these small pebbles.

semis de persil
parsley seeds

I cover the seeds with a new layer of small pebbles. These are easy to move for the plant when it sprouts.

couche supérieure de petites billes
covering layer of pebbles

Now you just need to put the net pot in the aeroponic system and let the magic of Nature happen.

Just make sure water is warm enought (minimum 68 deg, more for tropical plants). If needed, you can use a aquarium heater. Seeds are warm, wet and oxygenated, kind of paradise for them…

Rainforest de GHE
General Hydroponics Europe’s RainForest

This sowing technique works good for any hydroponic system using clay pebbles or in aquaponics grow beds.

Stay tuned …


2 thoughts on “How to: Easy aeroponic seedling

  1. Looks like a good way of sprouting. Do the clay pebbles get damp enough to sprout on their own from the vortex sprayer or do they need to have some water poured on them from above?

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