How to grow Spirulina from a new strain you just received?

She arrived!

What to do with this new Spirulina strain you just received?

Souche de Spiruline Paracas
Paracas Spirulina strain

First of all a little information regarding Spirulina.

This unicellular micro-algae has many nutritionnal and even healing properties. She naturally grows in salted lakes with high pH (between 9 and 10). We replicate those conditions to grow her.

Growing Spirulina at home is EASY to do and allows affordability for high vibrations and nutritional values food. Fresh Spirulina is far more powerful than the dry versions you find for sale in stores.

It is also a very good homegrown food source for your aquaponic fish, allowing to have a great iron input without using fertiliser.

Most of the time, you get living Spirulina as a small sample, here a pint in an apple juice bottle 🙂

Now begins the growing phase, the aim is to allow Spirulina to reproduce and progressively raise the volume of the growing solution.

We are going to add a pint of growing solution to our pint sample.

In order to to do so, we must gather a few supplies:

Matériel nécessaire pour réaliser une nouvelle solution de culture
supplies you will need

– coarse salt

– baking soda

– mesuring cup

– precision scale

– a complete growing phase hydroponic fertilizer

– non chlorinated water, as soft as possible. If you use tap water, you MUST dechlorinate by placing the water 24 hours beforehand in an agitated tank (using air or water pump) in order to allow evaporation  of any chlorine based substances.

– air pump with hose to agitate growing solution

– a tank big enough to allow future growth

Here we prepare two pints of growing solution, one pint for today’s dilution, rest for it for later.

Pesée du Sel et du bicarbonate de soude
measurement of salt and baking soda

For two pints of growing solutions, you need 5 grams of salt and 8 grams of baking soda.

dilution et mélange des ingrédients
mixing ingredients

We pour salt and baking soda in the water and stir well to dissolve properly.

Le nouveau contenant
the new container

We pour the pint of new growing solution in the new container.

rempotage de la spiruline
repotting the spirulina

Next we pour the Spirulina sample in the new container with growing solution, we “re-pot” the Spirulina.

ajout d'engrais et mise en place de l'aération
adding fertilizer and placing air hose

Finally we add fertilizer (here half a milliter of  hydroponic fertilizer) and place the air tube for agitation.

We did it, Spirulina is ready for growing phase, we place her in a bright and warm place.

spiruline spirulina growing homemade diy

This a very delicate first phase, the Spirulina has travelled and arrived in a new environment, we are going to let her grow minimizing potential stress.

We let her aclimate and grow slowly with no heating or powerful light.

Next step is to increase the volume of growing solution up to desired amount before harvesting.

To be continued and see you in the Lab…

Stay tuned…


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