Cosmic Garden Laboratory: construction of the form

In order to achieve my indoor growing experimentation project, I constructed a space I call the Lab.

When settling an indoor garden, you first have to consider functionality and efficiency of space, optimization of natural light and as much as possible being able to grow with various levels of space.

The Lab being located in our living room, it added an esthetic element.

This is the space prior to construction:

bambou instal vide


I chose to create a custom bamboo structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing to hang light fixtures and to grow on several levels.

Step one: placement of supporting sides

instal bambou coté


The sides support 18 feet long bamboos (grown locally in Ariège) relayed by two crossbars.


install bambou barre


Apart from four screws securing the stucture to the wall, the whole of it is assembled with “bamboo nail” technique.


instal bambou detail

Here is the finished product, 18 feet long, three feet wide and two levels of cultivation, one being in full natural light, facing south-west.

Ready to welcome plants…


instal bambou fini

Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Cosmic Garden Laboratory: construction of the form

  1. Thanks again Tip!
    Bamboo was great to use for the nice look it has, the modular aspect (I can easily change the set up or un-install it) and it grew in my area.
    To tell you the truth, I designed the pattern, but it was assembled by a professional.

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