Indoor Vegetable Garden: Let’s invent a universe together

The seed has sprouted! All around the planet, pioneers are searching, experimenting… There are various motivations; food quality, the desire to free oneself from the food industry, consumption of hard to find varieties or willing to grow stawberries in the winter  … With the help of mass media, guerilla gardening, community gardens, vegetables gardens on […]

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Usefull links

Here I begin a listing of websites, forums and blogs in which you can find accurate information Aquaponics Nation is a community with people serious about aquaponics and micro farming

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How to: Easy aeroponic seedling

Aeroponics is a kind of hydroponic growing in which plants grow with their roots hanging in growth chambers where they are constantly misted with nutrient solution. Plants are most of the time settled in small net pots filled with clay pebbles. These net pots are used for supporting the plants, and roots grow mainly outsite […]

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In the Lab: our aquaponic system

Welcome to the lab! Today I introduce you to our aquaponic system! Aquaponics is a growing tecnique that combines raising  fish and hydroponic plant cultivation. This kind of system has three main components: – Fishes provide fertilizer for plants – Plants purify water – Micro-organisms transform fish waste so plants can uptake them Micro-organisms are a […]

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